The Gift of The Gods to the People

Within the centuries-old soil of this land, a tormented, immortal and blessed land, two voices whispered secretly that the magic of this place is a gift of the gods to the mortals. A gift that has been roaming for centuries now among poets and painters, Greek and foreign. A gift with a golden look that passed from the heart to their pen and followed the path of a memory, a distant dream and a hidden joy.It’s green, but it’s not like the others. Deep within it glow the breaths of the gods, all of them green – but different, ready to reveal the world’s greatest secrets. And yes! To some they did reveal them! They talked of the hidden wisdom, of the fearless heart that doesn’t bend with the blowing of the wind, of patience and perseverance that fills the mind with faith and power… they said it all in every detail. They revealed them to colourful poets and bright writers, but they also appeared to those who bring the soil to life. And indeed,… they were given to them in a different, sweeter and more maternal way. To the cultivators of this land, who look after it and colour its fields and dingles like divine painters. A solid love, pure and authentic .A trajectory that is constantly being shaped in an eternal and constant universe, here in this corner of the earth, there is a handful of land, like an emerald gem, which embraces friends, and it becomes a mother for its children – she feeds them, she listens to them, just like she heard her creator that final night. Hostess and art, it becomes a light of Byzantine and ancient awe, it becomes a wreath of victory and joy, it becomes history and tradition and yearning and’s the olive tree. It’s the afternoon (the Greek mesimeri) and its light. It is yet another gift it offers us. And we in turn offer it to you.


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