Summertime recollections – Culinary memories

The brain has an incredibly strong relationship to taste. It most probably is its favorite sense. It is the one that protects him from the bitter and sour effects of life, and he warns it to prefer the sweeter, the tastier, to avoid the toxic ones.
And in its turn, it gives him memory, the culinary memory that is hard to beat, very fast, direct, pleasant and effective. It is connected with all the “forgotten” memories, with carefree, joyful and delicious moments. It is so strong that no culinary miracle can replace the old, engraved on the pillars of consciousness, culinary experience. This memory is full of joy, it tends to connect that bite with the teasing and the jokes among friends, your mother’s care and your summer afternoons in the countryside. It is perfectly dedicated to your beautiful memories, it is your loyal supporter, and it’s here to remind you that you can recall and bring back your most beautiful moments, you can relive them and come back.
Coming back. How many strong emotions can this word really bring on! The return and the trip — Homer wrote about them thousands of years ago — and the return home is what the Greeks call “nostos”, which encompasses the nostalgia, the anticipation and the yearning for this return. Every return, every trip is for a single traveler, nostalgia for his homeland is personal, and his return to it has always something unpredictable, something from that past which is engraved on his soul.
Every tasty trip, every return to the original situation, the initial stimuli and the first warm emotions can only be delicious! Greeks had understood this connection by linking the return to the homeland or “nostos” to the return to memories through the taste of “delicious”. So in the same word family every return is unique, it’s individual, it’s delicious and just as everything that is tasty, it needs to be shared.
We are here to tell you our own story, a story of afternoons with summer memories from the Greek countryside and its people. To share it with you with a call for our return to your first trip. We start with a bottle first. If you hold it and hear it, you will see it as evidence of any conspiracy of those summer afternoons under the shades of Greek land.
The rest will be told by us, on your unique trip to the delicious maps of our nostalgia.


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