Payment Methods

To make it easier and more convenient for everyone who wants to buy from our e-shop, accepts debit/credit card, PayPal and bank deposit payments.


You can select debit/credit Card payment, all Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners credit cards are accepted.

All payments made using the card are processed through the electronic payment platform of “Nexi e-Commerce” of Nexi
Payments Greece S.A. and uses TLS 1.2 encryption protocol encryption with 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL). Encryption is a
way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.

Your transactions in our online store are protected by the highest online security systems. The charge of your credit, debit, or prepaid card is made on the day the shipping process of the products begins. The company “KONSTANTINOS SPYROPOULOS MESIMERI TREES AND FRUITS” has taken all necessary measures for the security of its transactions through its cards, and all holders of credit, debit, and prepaid cards are subject to validity checks. Every credit card payment is made through the SSL security system which ensures the encryption of your banking details during their transmission over the network. All payments made on our Website are checked and evaluated by the Stripe Payments payment institution. For all your transactions on our Website, you are insured by the Stripe Payments payment institution. In our online store, no card or transaction details are stored, only the reference to the transaction that was made.

Bank Deposit Payment

You can make your payment directly to our bank account. By deposit at an Alpha Bank branch or through e-banking. Please let us know of the completion of your payment at +302721021639 or send us an e-mail to Your order will not be shipped until the amount is cleared in our account.


The e-shop accepts payments through PayPal’s secure banking environment.

Issuance of a retail receipt or invoice

A retail receipt or invoice option is available. An invoice shall be issued to companies and to self-employed persons. If you would like us to issue an invoice, please enter the following information in the order comments: Name of company, VAT number, Tax Office and profession for self-employed persons.

Please contact us at +302721021639  or e-mail for clarification.

Payment security

‘KONSTANTINOS SPYROPOULOS MESIMERI TREES AND FRUITS” does not have access to your banking data, and does not store information about your bank or your credit/debit card.So please enter the details of your payment on each order you place with us.

“KONSTANTINOS SPYROPOULOS MESIMERI TREES AND FRUITS” shall not be liable for any damage or losses (direct or indirect) incurred by a member whose card is used illegally or is used in an unauthorized manner.

“KONSTANTINOS SPYROPOULOS MESIMERI TREES AND FRUITS” is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to your computer equipment by viruses, worms, spyware, or similar, during your connection to our website. Please make sure you have an anti-virus program, firewalls, and that other computer protection programs are up to date.


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