It is not just a label

The time when brands were identified only by their label has passed. Our need for connection, for authentic values that touch our own heart as consumers as well, has shed its leading light to the stories of brands. Stories create brands. Experiences inspire labels that encompass all that the creators felt. The fields they ran through, the logs they touched, the branches they bent to avoid as they were running to catch up with their childhood friends, the waters they walked in and refreshed them in the heat of the summer afternoon of the most lively period. The memories came and touched the inspiration of the creators of Mesimeri Trees and Fruits one…. adult summer afternoon that insisted on coming back and bringing to the present something from those wonderful smells of their childhood afternoons in the fields. The eyes closed and the heart started to beat hard, orchestrating all senses, with the conductor being the Mesimeri of our summers. Our Mesimeri that encloses everything we have experienced and that we want to share with others now.Like when we were children. When nothing was worth it if it wasn’t shared with the company of friends.The value of sharing is still possible in adult life, along with the rest that our brand encompasses, which is certainly not only his label. How much can you fit into it? Just a beginning. A small drop of inspiration. A small drop of memory to start the river of memory flow for others as well. To share the purity. The quality. The impeccable organoleptic characteristics. The nutrients. The certifications. To start the trip. Of taste. Of smell. Of the story of the brand that may be your story.


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