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Thought For Food

Inspiration from olive trees

“Thought for food’’ is the world of Mesimeri.
What we share. Food for the eyes, the mind and the knowledge.
With thoughts, news, articles, photographs of the olive tree and its world”.

Mediterranean Spirit

The Mediterranean. This wonderful, almost magical word. This deep, wonderful sea. Even if it is just a drop in the global ocean. It embraces the Greek seas in the east with heat and saltiness. Of course, we only think of it as ours.

The Olive, the Soul and the Art

The soul of the world is creation, and creation can only be an art. That divine element with which the world was created, that element has been given to man, so that he too creates and so that life never stops, and that the end never comes.

Summertime recollections – Culinary memories

The brain has an incredibly strong relationship to taste. It most probably is its favorite sense. It is the one that protects him from the bitter and sour effects of life, and he warns it to prefer the sweeter, the tastier, to avoid the toxic ones.

The Gift of The Gods to the People

Within the centuries-old soil of this land, a tormented, immortal and blessed land, two voices whispered secretly that the magic of this place is a gift of the gods to the mortals. A gift that has been roaming for centuries now among poets and painters, Greek and foreign.

The olive tree of the Mediterranean.

We often wonder what connects us to the wonderful olive tree. Why do we love it so much? Why does it stir in us this undefinable positive attitude to us? Why are our senses awakened the moment we touch its trunks?

It is not just a label

The time when brands were identified only by their label has passed. Our need for connection, for authentic values that touch our own heart as consumers as well, has shed its leading light to the stories of brands. Stories create brands.